Eruption, a poem by Ernest Federspiel at
Toby Elliott



written by: Ernest Federspiel


The volcano is starting to rumble
I can feel the pressure deep down inside
Can’t you see the lighting flashing
When you look into my eyes
Tremors will soon be starting
As anger clouds the mind
Tiny eruptions of violence
Will start the change this time

This volcano has laid dormant
Quietly resting deep inside my soul
But the gates of hell are opening
Calling for me to come back home
I like the change that I’m feeling
The evil power coming back again
And with it a whole new laughter
A violent beginning to a mellow end

As the giant lie inside sleeping
Everyone thought I was so grand
But the nursery nightmares are starting
And the volcano is erupting again
The lava of my blood starts boiling
Causing tears to flow from my eyes
Knowing that satisfaction is but one small pleasure
For another eruption on the rise

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