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Unbroken Spirit of Broken Wings

Unbroken Spirit of Broken Wings

written by: Mahima Sharma



What do you see, when you look at me?
A destitute? A needy? Or A broken tree?
What do you see when you look at me?
A nightmare of society? Or a child of pity?

What do you do when you look at me?
Turn your face off me or pity my mother?
What do say when you look at me?
Poor You, God Bless You or Can I Help You?

Your frowns and taunts…No longer hit me hard,
Your words, your gestures…No longer leave bitterness in heart.
Coz you don’t know me, since you never tried..
To meet the Human, who dwells inside.

Your words, your gestures,
Left behind deep wounds,
Every wound leaves a scar,
Each scar tells a story,
A story of determination and courage,
The story of a survivor,
I am One such Story,
I am One such Survivor,
I am One such Inspiration.

No matter how deep I fall in Life
No matter how strong be the challenge
Not ashamed of my disability, I will fight…
With destiny I will fight,
To live each day with delight !

Not scared of my darkness,
I will lit the light for similar others,
Not a victim in days of starkness,
I will inspire such children of hopeless mothers.

Standing strong in each storm,
Like bees unite against enemy in a swarm,
I rose like a Phoenix towards all odds,
And set my courage to outperform!

So, don’t look down upon me,
Instead look ahead to the path I show,
Look ahead to the hope with which I glow!

I don’t miss my feet to dance,
I rather create an equal chance,
A chance to live Life I want,
A chance to grow the way I want,
I am a fighter, I am brave
So will always ride life’s highest wave,
I am an invincible spirit,
Whose rise to freedom lies within!


Copyright: Mahima Sharma

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