Wise Men's Laments, poetry written by Don Knowles at Spillwords.com

Wise Men’s Laments

Wise Men’s Laments

written by: Don Knowles



Oh the philosophers constantly lament
Live today just for today it’s time well spent
Each second lost in fomenting
Is time wasting a precipices monumental geography
Great minds put forth what’s all quite obvious
While fools aim for meaning in the preposterous
Overly Excited the man on the street doth preach
While I sit by the widening cavernous breach
All the while wise men act bemoaned
trying to forge their love from cracked stone
Pounding passed flesh and bone and sinewy meat
While horns of plenty lay at their feet
I’m no fool
I’m no wise guy
I’m a simple man in a maze
I do what I can when I can
My only time ticking concern
My deep blue downy desire
Is to face fuchsia pyre with no regrets
no harm done
Oh the wisest of us all are long dead
Nothing tosses or turns them in their eternal beds
A tepid wormhole deep sleep
No more will they weep
Their spoken words put to rest
With their last rattled dying breaths
Scribbled in their last behest
We are all fools compared to the ghosts and the ghouls
No more quizzes for right answers no rules
Tests questions all previously mastered
No more rank no more score
Just nails through weather beaten boards
The wise sing a round
Blending sound
Borrowed from those settlers in the ground
Endless tune of the escaping moment
Repeated unintended again
Then again

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