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Sky Song

written by: Godfrey Holy and Tanya Rakh


a sunset of muscle
for memory fibers
a sliver of tongue
for each grain of pain
we seep from this, vapors
squeeze between dead worlds
toward a naked

our planet a graveyard
a labyrinth of smoke
and broken bones
between the scapulae
of serpent and ivy glow
leave me here a larvae,
find me winged in

sprouting feathers
splitting open spiral wounds
indigo haze, feeble breath
metallic, the haste of
starving hearts

meet me here—
let’s bleed out the tremors,
shame the
bioluminescent sky

Godfrey Holy

Godfrey Holy

Godfrey Holy is a published author of several anthologies (In the Crosshairs, A promise of Doves among others). He has been a guest author in several other books. He resides close to Boston with his wife and three kids.
Godfrey Holy

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Tanya Rakh

Tanya Rakh

Tanya Rakh was born on the outskirts of time and space in a cardboard box. After extensive planet-hopping, she currently makes her home in Madison, Wisconsin where she writes poetry, surrealist prose, and cross-genre amalgamations and works as a professional manuscript editor. Her poetry has appeared in journals including Danse Macabre, Yes, Poetry, Bywords, and Occasional Brilliance and is featured in The Alien Buddha's Feminist Agenda (Alien Buddha Press 2019). Tanya has just finished her first book, Hydrogen Sofi, which she hopes to publish this year.
Tanya Rakh

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