With Wine and Coffee, a poem by Godfrey Holy at Spillwords.com
JR Korpa

With Wine and Coffee

With Wine and Coffee

written by: Godfrey Holy


i exhume you with wine
assemble the last skin you
wore in my midnight sky
i feed you fire and kindle a
galaxy of elegant nerves

you are gold when cold
a chorus of chaos sung for
the queen of screams
you’re holy water dripping
on drunken shadows
a velvet tongue in the dry
mouth of a wooden thunder

i exhume you with coffee
sip you like a cosmic echo
with every passing thirst
i plunge the trident deeper
into the eyes of our mud
there’s too many galleries
of magic and chains
silence is a cold tent that
opens like a sad umbrella

i exhume you with poems
feed blood to metaphors
i rub syllables in your hair
chew the flowering sun for
you to swallow
there’s too many smiles to
burry in the desert ash
too many flavors of hope

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