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A Morning in June

A Morning in June

written by: Mary Crane Fahey


A morning in June we two sit in Adirondacks on the hill overlooking the lake
Our bodies and minds wrapped in its blue serenity     waiting like before

A neighbor’s boat chugs its way to the small island where bass fishing is good
In the marina boats bob gently
And hummingbirds quaff nectar from bee balm blossoms

We talk of weather, weekend visitors, a neighbor’s looming cloud of uncertainty
Distant mountains sit sharp against the azure sky

And then      it makes its presence known,
A loon’s vibrato fills the cove with haunting calling out

We are spoken to.
Listen. It’s the loon, we say.

And then silence      for a long moment
And then      once more      the small pure voice sings its summer song

Reverberating across the water, the soft wail drifts up the hill
To us, sitting in the morning sun and lake fragrant air.

We hear our summer serenade, the lake’s chamber music

Once again     the heart bending melody seizes our hearts
And we bow to the music of the loon
Our winter worn and oft times shriveled spirits resurrect and soar

Mid murmur of waves
Whisper of breezes through pines
Our summer begins

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