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Ramblings Of A Chaotic Mind

Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind

written by: odonko-ba



Outwards, my heart pours to a deafening silence as cold as death itself. Yet to be manipulated by your titillating advances, tempted of your poison, is a tantalizing treat indeed. And as the wind blows logic to enlighten a sunless son whose light faded away eons ago, a bludgeoning of confusion portrayed as a result of an evil veil of secrecy and I, am going to the other side of the moon. Where martyrdom is welcomed by an emphatic few, crooning for unrequited love, like, falling stars from above unabashedly riding fragments of supernovas across a darkened sky.



I might not be the smartest apple to fall from the tree but believe me, the resonance of my impact resoundingly reverberates the tree stirring emotions and messaging egos in quiet retribution. I am a moody anti-social introvert. Meaning: I Trust No One. My best friend is myself. My companion ~ my dog.
I write because I must. It is my life-line. My Beacon in a world cloaked in darkness, steadfast upon destruction, blinded by their own selfish needs...I write because I must, to maintain my sanity in an otherwise insane world.
Welcome to my humble sanctum

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