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One Life

written by: Kelly Osman



Waking from these dreams, when will they stop?

They haunt me, they make me weak, I wish they'd leave me alone,

My new family saved me; it took time to adjust.

The antique accordion; the way he played was so subtle,

The array of books, meandering along the grand old case.

The music is so wonderful, reading gave my life a meaning.

The boy who chased me, his fondness for me grew,

The mischief we caused, so many moments we shared,

Little did I know, one day soon he'd be no longer,

The boy with the yellow hair is how I’ll always remember.

Kelly Osman

Kelly Osman

Passionate about creating something to offer others.
Expressing myself through photography and poetry, releasing the stresses of the mind.
Kelly Osman

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