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written by: Orlando Blake


Infinity draws space
Celestial withdraws gain,
Moving in dark
In search of space
Seeing them close in range,
Living in others heart
With space without boundaries,
Thoughts floats in random
Trying to get in tandem,
Some form a pair
Others are left in pair,
Similarities make us close
Differences make us think,
A few are left in shore
Watching the waves
To touch them close,
Making a wave for them
Touching the sky
Kissing the clouds
Breathing the air
Feeling the infinity
Thoughts flowing all around,
Trying to catch one
Slipping from my hand
To float in thin air,
Thoughts flowing in
Mind adsorbing in flash
Drenched in rain of thoughts.
Orlando Blake

Orlando Blake

Orbindu Ganga (Orlando Blake) is an Indian post-graduate in science and the first recipient of Dr. Mitra Augustine gold medal for academic excellence. Orbindu Ganga is a multilingual poet, author, critic, content writer, painter, and spiritual healer. He was the featured poet in the November 2019 of Inner Child Press International Publication (USA). His poems have been published in SIPAY Literary Journal (Seychelles), Teesta Review: A Journal of Poetry (India), Sahitya Anand (India), Spillwords Press (USA), SETU (USA), OPA, Atunis (Albania), Winamop (UK), The MAG (India) & Poetry of Spring's Embrace (USA). His poems have been published in anthologies like VASUDHA 2, RAINDROPS OF LOVE, HEARTISTRY, POEMS FROM 30 BEST POETS, MEDLEY OF MELODIES, HARMONIOUS SYMPHONIES, WORLD FOR PEACE and WHISPERS OF SOFTLAY. He has published three articles, two research papers, a book review, and a painting. He is an official member of the World Nation Writers’ Union. He has authored the book “SAUDADE.”
Orlando Blake

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