Dreams Are Made written by Jose A. Tovar at Spillwords.com

Dreams Are Made

Dreams Are Made

written by: Jose A. Tovar


Dreams are made
Of that amorous intoxicating substance
That pulsates from the caverns deep within my heart
Throughout the web of neurons in my brain.

Dreams are made
Of pollinating butterflies
That linger over newly seeded fields of visions
Growing ferociously inside my young and tender head.

Dreams are made
From the breath of your mouth,
From the touch of your lips, from the saliva
Engulfing your tongue…

Dreams cannot be sliced
With broken shards of mirrors:
They are multiplied by the reflections found floating
In the surface of your alluring eyes.

Dreams are made
From the ravenous actions of my senses,
From preoccupied ideas long after I fall asleep.

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