All Tied Up written by Polly Oliver at

All Tied Up

All Tied Up

written by: Polly Oliver




Her heart was in havoc again-

When the ghost of his scent

Re-filled her breath

As she pulled off her sweater;

Pausing arms up- pink at the wrists.

Pressing her face

To the lingering trace

Of the one who had peeled

Away each layer

Of her persona,

To reveal

The open need.

Polly Oliver

Polly Oliver

A mother of two boys, scribbling from the Western coasts of the UK, mainly poetry, but whatever comes out really. Former journalist and PR professional, the first whispers of middle age and declining eyesight made having a real go at 'real writing' a little more urgent. A Cornish native, I made my home in South West Wales so the sound of the sea sighs through my work every now and then. Lover of nature, yoga, boutique coffee shops and occasional (and very dreadful) surfer.
Polly Oliver

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