Adieu to a Father's Golden Child... poetry by Nishand Venugopal at

Adieu to a Father’s Golden Child…

Adieu to a Father’s Golden Child…

written by: Nishand Venugopal



For Ammalu Amma

There sat an old lady gazing towards a future that’s unknown,
Her look had a sense of forlorn,
The host and home she knew were shattered by death’s sudden strike to add to her woes,
Leaving the beloved land that she cared for more than ninety years,
With no sign of returning back to her land,
Still, she kept hope, her patience was draining like hand-holding sand,
As the pandemic started to create uncouth terror in human lives and a lack of resources,
Life of everyone was in the hands of luck and timely medical skills,
She constantly revisited those beautiful moments in which she touched many human and other species’ lives,
Famous for her culinary delights,
Courageous to share anywhere her worldly insights,
Brought many people together at the table,
She looked at many kids as her own as long as she was able,
Adding adequate sugar, salt, spices, and other ingredients tastes never went above,
She stirred the spatula in her dishes with lots of devotion and love,
There is no question about her management expertise,
That kept my mother during turbulent times at ease,
Even dogs loved when she brought their food,
And one that’s there will never hear her lively wavering adulating sound,
Strong-willed in living the way she wanted almost till the end,
An independent soul that many of us can always depend on,
She lost a piece of her soul when my mother left,
Now that she passed on to another world leaving us in a state of bereft,
Hope and pray, that she is happy now along with dear souls who have gone before her,
She stayed strong almost till the end as the infirmity in her body started to ruthlessly devour her,
A personality whom I fought for some of her decisions and stubbornness but respected for her professionalism and unflinching devotion,
Now that she is no more, I remember her deeds for our family with gratefulness,
In her life, she took up bravely a lot of responsibilities,
In the beginning, nurtured neighbours and relatives’ love as a lonely and unique child,
Devoted wife to a diligent husband,
A foster mother for those who lost their parents,
Caretaker to a bereaved woman and her fledgling kids,
A respectable member of her family,
Guided many with her common sense and experience in her community,
There goes a father’s beloved Golden-haired daughter,
Who cooked and carried tenderness with tiffin for us and protected in a few cases as a family member so that no one will bother,
Travel well, to a world of respectful and lovely souls to a place where there is no grudge, dilapidation, or disease,
I wish like a withered leaf sharing its nutrients to the soil, to let her fond memories nourish us in peace…

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