I Stand with Peace... poetry by Nishand Venugopal at Spillwords.com
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I Stand with Peace…

I Stand with Peace…

written by: Nishand Venugopal



People are suffering here and there,
It’s terrible news for those who care,
Man-made conflicts take a toll on women and children,
Many unfortunate souls got stuck in the conflict zone with nowhere to run,
Visuals fed by media are scary and gory,
Making the entire atmosphere quite hoary,
People in virtual space are in a hurry,
In taking sides and that’s something which makes me worry,
Sharing various versions of history,
Narratives so convincing and how to find truth among them is still a mystery,
Sometimes people fall into the trap of herd mentality,
Be careful in dealing with social media as it is used by many to build up hostility,
It is better to stay away from virtual nonsense,
Believe in your hard-earned wisdom and common sense,
For some, hate and war is just business,
Death and destruction are collateral damages for their success,
Any action that festers hate must cease,
I prefer to stand with peace…

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