A Merry Flower Beyond Your Daily Attire, a poem by Walid Boureghda at Spillwords.com
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A Merry Flower Beyond Your Daily Attire

A Merry Flower Beyond Your Daily Attire

written by: Walid Boureghda


My freedom lies in the plenitude of my rhymes,
In the exceptional collection of my words,
And in the embraces during the winter times;
Thus, I slake my sorrows and pains through singing birds.

I express my freedom through my own poesy,
Which adorns the wide surface of my heart;
I fly over the stream of my words with frenzy,
Which reveals my eternal fire flame from the start.

I write and interlace some ribbons with letters,
And embellish my verses with some pleasing rhymes;
I shape up my verses like a bard or better,
Who was enchanted by these blissful bargain times.

My poetry reflects the clearness of my thoughts,
A blazing love that is immortal and unique;
It is a sentiment of choice in wording plots,
Which resides in the sunbeams from words I do speak.

Erato, my muse! O, my adorable wife!
Your devilish beauty is right on the blazing fire;
I am enthralled by the furnace of your desire.

I see the glister of love in your breath of life;
I feel the love of us in our domestic strife
– A merry flower beyond your daily attire.

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