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written by: Madhumita



The silence of the white winter with the frost settles,

When it turns musical with the strains of the carols,

Flow on the breeze sweet happy songs,

The buntings flutter along

With the chatter of children in glee,

Decorating the huge Christmas tree

With lights, garlands, baubles, glitter

And pure fresh laughter,

Warmth flows from all hearts,

Warm like freshly baked tarts,

Delicious smells of casseroles stewing with meat, beans and carrots,

Wafting along with the Yuletide spirit,

Warm smell of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg

Dance along with the yummy aroma of the Christmas cake,

Gifts packed in shiny packets,

Wrapped in love to be distributed

To one and all,

The big and the small,

As the Christmas star shines bright,

In the freezing night,

When the church’s bells toll,

And there is a happy call,

Jesus Christ is born,

With hopes and tidings of a new morn

Full of love, peace and brotherhood,

Changing all things to good,

The whole world will unite and pass warm hugs and kisses,

Wishing each other the best and a ‘Merry Christmas’.

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