Allow Me to Go Away in Love... poem by Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar at

Allow Me to Go Away in Love…

Allow Me to Go Away in Love…

written by: Madhumita Bhattacharjee Nayyar



Let me leave
Allow me to go away in love
With the orange
And the peach, pink and the red
Exactly like that red rose
Tucked away in my old diary
Withered yet so fresh
Still alive to my touch
Brings in your fresh breath
That slithers down my neck
Smooth and silky
With the pit near my collar bones
Turning a blooming pink
Pink like the flesh
Of you and me
Stuck together
Yet separated
By the dark
The dark sooty black
Of prolongation
I do not want to live
With the ash and greys
And the browns
Or the rusts
Of monotony
That colour a gloom
In my shimmery love story
Which sometimes fall off
Like dried paint
Or like the rust
Of the closed iron doors
The same iron
That runs in my blood
Red and still fresh
But encased in the grey
Of our relationship
Let me live
With the old sherry red
The carmine and vermillion
Pink, orange and peach
For I suffocate in the dark
With the grey, brown and black around
Let me leave with my colours
To survive and thrive
Away from this dark gloom
Allow me the pink of our love
The red of our passion
My love’s fertile crimson space
Allow me to go away in love

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