Dealing From The Bottom, poetry by Steve Green at
Anton Kaulbach (Faust und Mephisto)

Dealing From The Bottom

Dealing From the Bottom

written by: Steve Green



I met the anti Christ
in a dream state
or maybe
twas just a premonition

So hard to tell these days


the devil in my head
inquired if I wanted
to play for his team
since I have quite
the impressive sin resume

(his words, not mine)

I take no pride in my debauchery
but I won’t run from it either


Terms of the infernal contract
were laid out on a cluttered table

My eternal soul
for a case of beer

Back and forth we negotiate
(since that’s what con men do)

I propose a bag of corn chips
as a throw in addition
(cause they go so heavenly with brew)

Louie reminded me of my
low salt diet restrictions
and counters with
a personalized brass mug

You see…

I’ve always struggled
with loose temptation
(being the undisputed master
of absolution rationalization)
but this time my conscience declined
the deal of a lifetime

Going to hold out
for the angels
of my better nature
to make me
a counter offer
and bargain hard for my eternal salvation

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