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…On Poetry and Fiction Just “One Word” Away (“Author”)

…On Poetry and Fiction

Just “One Word” Away (“Author”)

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



One word becomes one idea, becomes one sentence, becomes one poem, becomes one story. It must start from just “one word”. Today my one word is “Author”.



One who brings the written word to life
through the stroke of a pen
or the tap of a keyboard
A writer; a poet; a storyteller
Who writes by night
Who writes by day
and follows that dream
which leads the way

Even while asleep, the pen does talk
With body at rest, an “Author” manages to walk
For the little writer in one’s head
tells enchanting stories beyond the bed
‘til morning light tips its hat
The “Author” awakens, just like that!

Yes, the one who adorns the blank page
with characters that speak to us;
Characters who perform literary dances
before our eyes, with little fuss
Just promises of unique journeys
to new lands and wonderful places
Where love, loss, smiles and tears
transpire into images of striking faces
Both bliss and woe it often brings
attached to our very own heartstrings

New romances, new lovers, new families, new friends…
New lives, new thoughts, as the winding road bends
New hopes, new dreams
Entwined within a book cover;
Bound by the name of a “Stranger” –
The Literary Lover
…And a title of unknown origin…
No direction; just a hunger from within
Until we turn each page,
and taste life’s glory and taste life’s sin

That Stranger is an “Author” you may want to know
Who turns words into magic
and offers you a ticket to the show
Whose only desire
is to befriend and to please
to teach and to guide
and put your mind at ease…
The “Author” invites many
to take that ride of a lifetime
Piloting upwards,
on a lofty, cultured climb

An “Author” asks for nothing in return
Perhaps a bit of warmth; a hint of appreciation
…a deep understanding of painstaking efforts,
…daunting sleepless nights,
with ne’er a time for vacation
While they toil away to create phenomenal stories
in worlds of wonder for you
Their one true hope
is that you’ll enjoy the exquisite voyage too

“Authors” strive only to connect
and share a literary love affair with All
They wish to introduce you
to “their” enchanting characters from faraway places
whom you may one day call
…Soon to become your newfound friends,
in your many “homes away from home”
Where you may visit any time –
to simply marvel, stroll or freely roam

Life, through eyes of an “Author”
is a myriad of images;
A hodgepodge of puzzles, collages
and multiple scrimmages
Blazing with melodramatic scenes
fit for stately Kings and Queens
Collected, studied, interpreted just right
Pieced together and created in ultimate delight

Now a masterpiece fit to be shared with the world
so the human spirit may exist
Through eyes of the readers who come back for more –
Clearly within their midst
That “Author” hopes to captivate
through each word to the very end
Brushed with a kiss, sealed with a hug
and most certainly lovingly penned

So if you love “Authors” –
Simply remember who they are and what they do
the next time you pick up a book…
For that “Stranger” on the book cover
desires only to meet you,
and hopes you stop by for a look…



An Author’s one desire is to connect with the readers and share a “Literary Love Affair” through his/her writings. Hopefully, the readers will come back for more.

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