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Reasons To Breathe

Reasons to Breathe

written by: Rebecca Bales



Exquisite in all you do,
The many reasons to breathe,
I hold your love so dear,
The excuse I use to seethe,
Decent beyond measure,
Emotions as deep as rain,
The beauty within your soul,
Kisses away the pain,
I pine for your stare,
The worry in my lines,
You take me in,
I watch as you shine,
I aspire to give you my all,
I’d give my last sigh,
My relief of your affections,
Is enough to never run dry,
A dream of my breakthrough,
Even if logic makes no sense,
Forever will consist of the longing,
Heedless of the rest.

Rebecca Bales

Rebecca Bales

My name is Rebecca Bales. I'm a 25 year old poet and I enjoy writing poetry and short stories. I enjoy the odd and stray away from the ordinary. I'm a thinker, a feeler, and a poet. It's all I'll ever be.
Rebecca Bales

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