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written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


Don’t listen to my words
Or look to understand my mind,
But listen to the whisper of fate
Urging you to know yourself.

Don’t think I’m using fake logic
Or think I’m using mind trickery
Think instead that I have come a long way
To acquaint you with life’s trials.

I’m not from here,
But I have good things to tell you
I know you are a good person, you know compassion
And possess a love that comes from a caring heart.

Love your fellow humans as long as forever exists,
But Love yourself as well
You need each other’s strength, courage
And love to survive.

You are everybody’s destiny
You possess good karma
If you make a great fortune give it to those who need it;
Great fortunes corrupt the soul

In heaven’s dimension, trinkets and baubles have no value
You are an intricate part of the human whole
And indispensable;
A charitable life defines genuine value.

Know that regardless if no one around you cares
You do.
Always give the people the good that’s in you.
And that will make all the difference in the world.



Advice from beyond. I received this poem while I was in deep sleep.
It begged to get out. I offer it to you.

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