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written by: The Quiet Quill



I dared you to dream of afternoon delights,
Of warmer days and brighter nights;
Of doing what you’d always dreamed you’d do;
Of seeing how my smile suited you.

You finally held a love you could keep,
Little did I know your doubts would creep.
I thought that at last you had love and hope,
Yet, even with me, your heart couldn’t cope.

Your belief in love only lasts so long,
So you help the inevitable downfall along.
A side of you I hoped to never see
Was suddenly standing in front of me.

You started to let go of the dreams you could feel,
And I tried to show you those dreams were real.
But the honour you defended became misplaced,
And straight back to her your footsteps were traced.

Then the games and lies and pain remained
And I felt my heart would never be the same.
A ghost of myself, you left me to roam.
Such a world away from the joy I’d known.

But we remain as friends, though our lives are apart,
This beautiful love is such a tragic art.
With his secret insight and hurricane heart,
How did we get here from such a magical start?

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