Poetess, a poem written by Sheri M. Stewart at Spillwords.com
Joe Pregadio



written by: Sheri M. Stewart


You take in my picture
as notions soar like birds
settle on my smile, my eyes
yet She breathes in my words.

Imagined story taken root
you approach your delusion
seeking the living source
of your fabricated illusion.

You whisper your knowing
begging just a trace which to cling
as I fight my desire to be
that cherished Everything.

Yet my heart knows that lie
you see Her glowing flame
Her ethereal figure burns
upon my flesh and bone frame.

You take but a part of me
stretch it with fantasy
then wish to force the fit
upon this meager reality.

The hint of Her existence
birthed finally in your mind
painted from inky fragments
from this damn pen of mine.

As I stand before you
I know what you see
It is Her whom I wrote
existing impressed upon me.

You wish to have and to hold
such an impossible dream
Her existence never real
but She is part of a team.

So forgive my forced distance
as I coldly turn you aside
You seek Her presence sensing
within me She abides.

It is a kindness I do you
though it seems oh so cruel
illusions shatter in reality
and we all lose such a duel.

You see I’ve tried on that role
thinking truth would prevail
but it was only me left
panting, bleeding and pale.

He left disillusioned
not finding what he saught
both of us She tortured
painful lesson was taught.

So take from this meeting
a little thorny distress
as it preserves your delusions
of your darling Poetess.

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