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Covid-19 Top Ten Bucket List

written by: Peggy Gerber


1.   Survive
2.   Come out of isolation
3.   Visit my adult children
4.   Kiss and hug my grandchildren (or hug anybody for that matter)
5.   Celebrate family events together
6.   Wake up and not have the virus as my first thought
7.   Go to sleep and not have the virus as my last thought
8.   Go to the mall, or the park or any other public event
9.   Delete the Zoom app from my computer
10. Feel normal again and never, ever take that for granted


Teaneck, NJ USA



We have been very hard hit in my little town in New Jersey, many have died, and the only thing that keeps us going is thoughts of better days.

Peggy Gerber

Peggy Gerber

Peggy Gerber is a poet, a short story writer and co-founder of Champagne Writers in Teaneck, New Jersey. Finally brave enough to submit her work, she is hopeful that she will soon be published.
Peggy Gerber

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