COVID-19 PANDEMIC (War On The World), commentary by Phyllis P. Colucci at



War On The World

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



You came like a thief in the night without warning. You came alive in the City of Wuhan, China – then spread your kiss of death to South Korea, Iran, Italy. Your wrath was felt in all of Europe and the entire world. We despise you for your evil ways and your path of destruction. You have left lifeless bodies in caskets lined up like brave soldiers; too many to bury. So many tears have been shed and broken hearts left behind as you continue to fight with no remorse, yet tread with quite a huge smile. You are a murderous villain COVID-19, who has started this war on humanity for reasons unknown.
When you reached America we felt your rage, and soon learned “There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide”. We now stopped living in our world as we knew it. We are prisoners of our own homes; sad, lonely and unemployed. Some need to quarantine in isolation as more have lost their lives. Our law enforcement, healthcare workers and first responders, who work so bravely and so tirelessly to save lives, are battling with death as they continue to lose patients on a daily basis. Our Military/National Guard have been called in to assist in setting up temporary hospitals in order to accommodate the many people who have contracted YOU! YOU – the relentless, ruthless COVID-19! Our President, Vice President, White House Health Team, our Governors, Mayors and so many others in this fight, have stepped up to the plate on a daily basis in order to inform a frightened America of the continued struggle and continued progress in this “War on the World”. A Navy hospital ship, called “The Comfort”, has been deployed to New York harbor to aid in the coronavirus crisis. It will serve as a floating hospital to add capacity. Another Navy hospital ship, called “The Mercy”, will be deployed to the West Coast. America is grateful to all these selfless, compassionate, determined, and amazing people, who are doing great things and who have teamed up to fight you to the death COVID-19! So beware! They are coming for you!
As we wait for your demise you wicked COVID-19, we are being forced to practice “social distancing” in hopes of keeping you away. We cannot get too close to friends and family for fear that you will come between us. Food and personal necessities are scarce, as barren shelves in supermarkets and various stores have now become a common thing. We humans have become scavengers hunting for food, toiletries and paper goods. We now realize we are all animals at heart, and it is all about survival.
You have turned my hometown of Brooklyn, New York and our entire New York City into an unrecognizable place. What was once a vibrant, bustling “City that Never Sleeps”, has suddenly gone dormant – lights out, lost in darkness and morphed into an eerie “Ghost Town”. Schools and non-essential businesses are shut down…and we are all on “lockdown”. Pharmacies, Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers, Doctors Offices, Banks, Supermarkets and Convenience Stores are accessible; and although restaurants and bars are closed, “take-out” is available at some establishments. Thank God for that, and a special “shout-out” to all those courageous people who are coming out to provide these services. Sadly, our economy is hurting and our streets remain empty with only echoes of a past life that we pray will re-emerge once again.
Everyday there is a news conference giving us the numbers – More infections, more deaths, more spread…We are living our reality in a science-fiction movie, where we are the prey and “Coronavirus” is the predator. Yes – “There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide!” May God have mercy on our World and may you, COVID-19/Coronavirus, soon be eradicated forever!


Brooklyn, New York (USA)



COVID-19 PANDEMIC (Coronavirus) is something many of us have not seen or lived through before. All I can say is be smart, be strong, be vigilant, stay informed and do whatever it takes to keep safe until this is over! God Bless…

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