Losses, a poem by Shadrach Davis at Spillwords.com
Adam Niescioruk



written by: Shadrach Davis


Evergreen blossom
Sweet scented flowers
Opened up their eyes
To morning smiles

Day’s half way to dead
End. Giant wind blows
Blossoms away

Earth’s born beautiful
Body’s shape that
Catches suitors’ eyes
From afar

A sudden flame burns
The beauty off her cheeks
She’s left to freeze
In a cold summer

A baby is born with
Tender skin that glows;
A petal of rose
That wears into crumbs

Why give me a today
Smile? Memories to
Carry along, of things
I can’t call mine, anymore

Escaping loss?
Try breathing without
Oxygen; you’ll hit ground
Before minute arm ticks

Maybe it’s all just
Part of being; a bumpy
Ride that starts on
A rolling plane

A walk into an unknown
Room with bided eyes
A journey to a mysterious

Just accept what the oracle
Gives: In the end, it’s the
Very air he’s coming after.

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