Butterfly Dreams, a poem by Peggy Gerber at Spillwords.com

Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams

written by: Peggy Gerber



I dream I am a butterfly,
fanning the air on velvety, soft wings
as blue as the ocean,
flitting joyfully from flower to flower
sipping sweet, sugary nectar
as the world admires me for my beauty

oblivious to self-pity I would be
blissfully unscathed by the pain
of my past,
of having been a caterpillar
slithering on the cold, hard ground,
struggling not to be stomped on
by unobservant feet

bravely slogging through each day
with the singular goal of
preparing for a metamorphosis,
without any self-doubt or fear of failure
holding me back
from accomplishing my destiny

I dream I am a butterfly,
and it feels awesome.

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