A Day Like This, a commentary by Wolfgang H. at Spillwords.com
Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum

A Day Like This

A Day Like This

written by: Wolfgang H.


Living in the fast lane. But ever so slowly. Daily press announcements somersault.
There is a lot to report these days. Perspectives are being redefined. Things unprecedented in my time go almost naturally hand in hand with archaic images from Italy.

I call my colleagues on my cell phone almost effortlessly, hold conference calls for hours so that there is not even time for a coffee.

I almost forget that I’m sitting in the barn at home and not in the office until I get the instruction to walk the dog. This is a pleasant change and the vineyards look, as usual, only a little more beautiful in the Siberian sun and the tundra winds. Back home chilled and frozen I climb on the roof unafraid of heights with no safety net attached to push back the grid into the chimney, which the chimney sweep had so dynamically catapulted out with his brush (the result was a starling in the chimney).

Then onward Christian soldiers in the barn office, into a completely different world, whose problems suddenly look so well organized.

Somehow home office is cool and then again not really – I worked even longer than in the office. But not having to drive has got something to it.

Everything is bizarre these days and I can’t get my thoughts properly organized anymore … nevertheless, I enjoy every moment’s worth.


near Mainz, Germany

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