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written by: The Quiet Quill



You’ve become the days that I’m wasting away.

What’s left of where I’ve been? How am I a peasant and you’re the queen?

Too many hours have passed me by, yet all I can do is think and cry.

My head and thoughts are sick, my eyes sting as I watch all of your tricks.

Your head is held so high and mine still tries

But getting over deceit is a hard game to beat.

There you stand so tall and proud, reading your perfect script aloud.

What can I do but applaud along too?

If I darken your sun I’m the one who’ll be shunned.


My stomach churns and the raindrops burn,

Or is that in my mind? Am I burning inside?

While anger bubbles I’m headed for trouble,

Stranded on this road, I begin to implode.

Flashbacks talk back, they’re on the attack.

Years of memories and “you and me’s”

Our funny ways in those honest days,

They all pinch and poke and I start to choke

On torment, tears, fury and fears

That have all come true in someone I knew.


I stop. I breathe. I quietly seethe

And I realise that you were never true.

I want your illusions that caused me confusion

To release and roar, revealing you as a fraud.

You made me question, doubt, feel I was without

All the wonder you had and now I am glad.

Because despite your nonsense, I’ll remain in your conscience,

And as my pain ends you’ll be wondering when

I became the days that you’re wasting away.

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