Colours Of February written by SamLDN at

Colours Of February

Colours Of February

written by: SamLDN


Her words hung to frost
in the Moon-White air.
There I fell,
steel-cold in their presence.
The allure of longing
a familiar solace
only February bring.

Her tongue empty,
bent to hiss all the shapes of
unripened promise
that burden green on a winter tree,
behind torch eyes
that bleed memories
down to the wick.

I could lend ear
never tire of our solitude.
Or how snow beds a home
where good deeds could not.

I yearn for the colourless sun,
where streets not blushed pink
from summers lick
but wind cuts brick grey
and windowpanes orange with laughter.

For in such black months
we birth anew,
flowers breathe colour
to dead roots
and the busy people
calm to a welcoming halt.

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