A Heavy Heart, poem by Jimeh Khadijah Ahmad at Spillwords.com
Jason Yoder

A Heavy Heart

A Heavy Heart

written by: Jimeh Khadijah Ahmad


My Eighteenth birthday,
Fell on a Spiritless and upset Sunday,
I pulled the stubborn voices into a therapist’s office,
Stood straight and said,
“I don’t think I’m suicidal, I just want to be dead”
I’ve heard of suicide on the news,
And I feel sad for them… no, I feel sad for us,
Poor souls.

Pretending to smile and enjoy life,
Inside is a burning wound that can never bleed but we still strife,
Dreaming of a quick and peaceful afterlife,
But time seems locked and does not fly,
Hopes hushed and dreams pass by,
A lonesome sigh,
Heavy heart where doubts abound and follies start,
Overthinking also plays its part
Depression is a heavy heart.

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