Happy Halloween! poetry written by KL Merchant at Spillwords.com

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

written by: Kayleigh Merchant


Halloween … What a pleasurable holiday theme,
Enter if you dare! Get ready for a scream.
Do you like jelly ridged egg ice cream or just plain blood punch?
Beware! You are in for a munch.
Be rest — It is not your ordinary fun filled coaster,
What a twist in the poison,
A crimson formula for the lucky tricksters and the beetle juice
soup for tasters,
Doors filled full of awakenings, Mummies and zombies awaiting,
Don’t run too fast to get to the finish line as there will always be
more zombies with the chain slides,
From the evil eyes you are munch crunch menu sides,
Not even a mention of fries, instead your brain will be the final
touches to a mean steak family size.
Catch your breath before walking the graveyard,
There are more half dead corpses hoping to test your stimulation of mind.

Did you really just get your fingers munched by that zombified doll?
No escape as you take on that raging fire hunger inside,
Cannot keep it locked up until lunch,
Every second is an opportunity to taste a blood curdled crunch,
Why can you satisfy this undying hunger with the intolerable thirst?
An insatiable bite leads to a beckoning of fright,
Another bone shriek of a successful killing,
Swellings of skin surrounds the wounds,
A beginning of another chew leads to a grimacing urge for more food,
Your herd awaits you in a blistering chain —
Another host of veins in the darkest pain,
You’ll never sleep again!

Consider yourself zombified!

Are you hungry?
Asked your mind.
The body denies what the brain ignites,
With power in your might may be the perfect surprise,
You are two doors away from the end of the life,
With two life lines and not a very good choice,
A menu of pop eyed brains and not only laying with delight
But smiles bearing of teeth buried in the layers of the grime,
You peel the skin off steadily all while the eyelids twitch in agony,
A laughing sneer awakens one of the nerves – causing you
to drop the pockets of a membrane fillet,
The sneering drew closer revealing a poster,
Facets of ruptured jawlined witches filled the entity of perimeters,
“Take your first bite!” — an old lady screamed out.

But before you could attempt the first batch…
A startling alarm deafened your ear drum.

It was the start of the whole story…
A menu from scratch!

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