ONRYO, poetry written by Annalyn Neo Celeste at Spillwords.com



written by: Annalyn Neo Celeste



Beneath the moon and sinister sky
Dark menacing force sets world on fire
All hell breaks loose as ravening wolf cry
When a man dug her grave, where she will lie

Darkness fell, unwarning shivering cold
Gasping dwells as she removes her blindfold
Boundless run in uncharted catacombs
At once fluster when she saw her own corps

Disposed lifeless virgin flesh in blood bath
Ravage earsplitting screech in wrath
Bewildered, bleak trembles in agony
Confronts her dread of gruesome misery

Forever now she will lurk in shadows
Until the ruthless tide of vengeance blows.


Night she fought for her life to safe harbor
Feeble as clothes was her only armor
Piled up muffled enraged of the undead
Darkness of shadows throbbing in her head

Rise up stricken decaying body
Crackling bones in naked reality
Gaze turns her way towards a man spot
With terror in his eyes aiming for shot

With rubber gloves firm grip on his weapon
Baffling as bullets go through his target
At last! facing her murderer felon
Vow to make him do things he will regret

Make him beg all saints to wish he was dead
Until her doom satisfaction is fed



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