Witches Cats, a poem by Jaya Avendel at Spillwords.com
Helena Lopes

Witches Cats

Witches Cats

written by: Jaya Avendel



Witches cats
Steal the night
Paint themselves with charcoal;
The coals were once hot enough to
Cleanse imps for pickling and
Stain fey wings.

Witches cats
Walk on dew drops
Silent shadows in passing at
The pointed toes of wrinkled crones or
The trailing skirts of ladies.

Witches cats
Prowl the streets
Pounce on glowing pumpkins
Scratch the fiercest jack-o-lanterns
Guarding homes rotting with contentment.

Witches cats
Extinguish candles and
Draw the smoke into their fur
Until they are grey enough to blend in
With the fog
So their mistresses
May cross thresholds now unguarded
Spin autumn mist and wood smoke into
Naughty nightmares and
Take youth to be their own.

Witches cats
Roll in the coals of dead fires
Cover themselves in midnight
Twice over
So no one knows that
They are really ghosts.

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