People's Princess, a poem by Shawn Stoner at
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People’s Princess

People’s Princess

written by: Shawn Stoner



A fairy tale wedding, a royal marriage.
Whatever in love means;
An elegant setting, a golden carriage,
Each on loan from the Queen!

Church bells ring, procession on screen-
The world holding their breath.
For what comes next was unforeseen,
An early predicted death!

Duty first, smile and wave.
Produce an heir and a spare!
A broken heart could not be saved.
The pressure too much to bare!

A crowded three, the cries for attention!
And secret love affairs-
The one responsible, her name not mentioned-
Was always sort of there.

Pretend happiness, years gone by-
The world, none the wiser,
Every day wanting to cry-
Value to every Appriser.

Pictures for sale, magazines on the stand!
The ivory tower crumbles-
Taking the hand of another man,
Even ex-princesses fumble.

The fateful Paris tunnel crash-
Paparazzi gaining chase.
Making way in a limousine dash,
Clearly the wrong time, wrong place.

On the day of her passing, away from home-
The world mourns a terrible loss.
A growing conspiracy all on its own-
Her ex-husband might be head boss.

And so this the story of the Princess of Wales-
In short, shall not digress.
In Life, mythology, in legends and tails-
Forever the people’s princess.

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