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People’s Princess

People’s Princess

written by: Shawn Stoner



A fairy tale wedding, a royal marriage.
Whatever in love means;
An elegant setting, a golden carriage,
Each on loan from the Queen!

Church bells ring, procession on screen-
The world holding their breath.
For what comes next was unforeseen,
An early predicted death!

Duty first, smile and wave.
Produce an heir and a spare!
A broken heart could not be saved.
The pressure too much to bare!

A crowded three, the cries for attention!
And secret love affairs-
The one responsible, her name not mentioned-
Was always sort of there.

Pretend happiness, years gone by-
The world, none the wiser,
Every day wanting to cry-
Value to every Appriser.

Pictures for sale, magazines on the stand!
The ivory tower crumbles-
Taking the hand of another man,
Even ex-princesses fumble.

The fateful Paris tunnel crash-
Paparazzi gaining chase.
Making way in a limousine dash,
Clearly the wrong time, wrong place.

On the day of her passing, away from home-
The world mourns a terrible loss.
A growing conspiracy all on its own-
Her ex-husband might be head boss.

And so this the story of the Princess of Wales-
In short, shall not digress.
In Life, mythology, in legends and tails-
Forever the people’s princess.

Shawn Stoner

Shawn Stoner

Shawn Stoner is a Canadian writer and first time author of the latest "controversial" book Black Sheep Conspiracies ~ Poems of Enlightenment. Although his passion for film writing is strong, Shawn enjoys the challenges of writing books and considers himself to be a "multi-writer"; someone who writes both screenplays and books. An avid writer with an overactive imagination, Shawn is constantly jotting down ideas for "the next project". When he's not writing, Shawn enjoys painting on canvas and spending time with his needy, but adorable Siamese cat Topher. Shawn Stoner considers Black Sheep Conspiracies ~ Poems of Enlightenment to be a great accomplishment of his early work, and he is excited to see what the future brings for his career.
Shawn Stoner

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