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Top Down

Top Down

written by: Julia R. DeStefano



She’s a poetess.
Her verse like otherworldly spells.
Beckoning him to come play in her poetry.
To nest in her.
He’s like the warm, tingly feeling she gets
when strolling through bookstores,
creating photographs,
or sipping coffee in a little cafe.
Medicine for her mood
when she feels like howling to the accompaniment
of dark skies that overwhelm.
Even in this, he understands her magic
like nobody else.
How it’s made up of passion and pain.
Realness and truth.
He’s a practitioner of his own magic,
like the mystifying way he moves inside her
with a smile that lights her up inside
and the top down.
The night sky as their blanket.
The moon taking its rest.
Deeply, he gazes into the sorcery of her brown eyes.
Trying to unpack her mind full of thoughts
while plunging into the mystery.
“Relax,” he whispers, and she fantasizes it a command.
She loves how he never stops wanting to learn her,
especially as they love each other alive.
He knows that only the taste of his lips will do.
That she wants him to think of her as the luna wolf.
Hungry and loving the chase of her lover.
The feminine urge
to wrap her legs around him in this
and every lifetime.

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