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On The Terrace

written by: Janina Osewska

translated by: Karol Chojnowski and Desmond Graham


twilight between the cracks of the day
a candle drowsily tempting moths
the fizz of their last breath
crumbling the silence

a mother embraced by an armchair
a son embraced by the mother
together in the arms of the night
silent from love

their living and the death of a creature
such simultaneity

Na Tarasie

written by: Janina Osewska


zmierzch w szczelinach dnia
świeca półsennie kusi ćmy
ostatnie tchnienie ich obecności
kruszy ciszę

matka w objęciach fotela
syn w objęciach matki
razem w ramionach nocy
milczą z miłości

ich bycie i owadzia śmierć –
taka równoczesność

Janina Osewska

Janina Osewska

Janina Osewska – poet and photographer. Graduated from the Bialystok University of Technology. Completed post-graduate studies at the University of Warsaw in the field of pedagogy and post-graduate studies at the Warsaw University of Technology in the field of computer science. A member of The Polish Writers Association and Academia Europea Sarbieviana.
Published four volumes of poetry: ‘W stronę ciszy’ (Eng. ‘Towards silence’, 2003), ‘Do czasu przyszłego’ (Eng. ‘Until the time to come’, 2007), ‘Tamto’ (Eng. ‘That’, 2015) and ‘Niebieska chwila’ (Eng. ‘Blue moment’, 2017). Her poems were published in numerous journals in the country and abroad. She has participated in international literary festivals in the US, Ireland and Lithuania. Her poems have been translated into English, German, Lithuanian, Czech and Ukrainian. She is a laureate of a Grand Prix (2004) and an award (2005) in the International Poetry Competition in the US. She was also shortlisted at Stokestown International Poetry Prize in Ireland in 2015. In 2017 she was granted a creative scholarship of the Podlaskie voivodeship marshal.
She is also engaged in photography.
She was born and lives in Poland (Augustów).
Janina Osewska

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