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Unique Journey

Unique Journey

written by: J. Maciel Costa


I got lost to meet you
did it without knowing
on a day of trekking in the valley.

Followed in the trill corridors
Designed and tuned
By the air singers.
I got up and left
for a blue morning
Transparent as the womb of flowers,
boots worn
In the middle of a veiled dew
A droplets thin water that invigorates and hydrates the moss
The cool carpet that rules
And perfumes the twilight
There …
In shadow and peace
On the craggy slope
of rock and stone
I saw a little house
surrounded by lime trees
and branchy oaks
Where the early bird
Spies alarmed over my arrival
And chirps insistently
Protecting its nest
on the branches that sprout from the tree.
There I saw you
Still barely awake
Fearing dew and fog
There I saw
on your lip
the trail of warm milk
On your face
a sparkling look
In spring shaped body.
I saw you were
the source of the song
that moves
and arrests our senses.
Here, out of the urban flurry
as the morning wakes up
Reaches me
a silent greeting
Worry free

A contained promise
In the fire of your eyes.

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