Battlescars in Rearview Mirror by Odonko-ba at

Battlescars In Rearview Mirror

Battlescars in Rearview Mirror

written by: Odonoko-ba



Bus leaves in five minutes
Might as well be five hours
One minute feels like an eternity as
The rain begins to fall

Memories cascade
Over vibrant realities
Becoming bitter

As time rushes in
And love
Rushes out

Conversations become entanglements
Divisions of independent thought
Turned quickly into
Perfidious satire

The Thump Thump Thump
Of your fist
Against my heart head and face

I coexist but cease to exist
Hiding behind an overzealous pair of
Designer sunglasses as if
Donna Karan
Could cover up the shame of your designing

Thump Thump Thump
Fist wailing
Glass shattering
Relationship broken
The pieces scattered over time

Thump Thump

But I love you
I thought you loved me Thump

My mouth
Becomes a metallic ritual
Of beating drums
Played out in blood
Upon my emotions

The bus leaves in five minutes
Echoes through the station…

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