A Violent Space by Odonko-ba at Spillwords.com

A Violent Space

A Violent Space

written by: Odonoko-ba



Looking out my window
Upon a violent space

Observing sullen souls
Abstracted against the madness
Society’s masterpiece composed in blood

A daunting delineation of
The craziness associated
With physical existence
Insistent upon their destruction

Violent faces consumed in violent places
Unforgiving of yesterday

Misconceived pawns in a
Game of imminent annihilation
And I
My life
A mere speck within
The infinity of time

An atom amongst atoms
Blowing in the wind


An unknown entity ejaculated by society
The inner mechanics of that which I came

Driven by insanity
Stimulated by turbulence unseen

I, a product of my society
Prostituted by puppeteers
Manipulating my Actions into
Capitalistic gains

Bloodsucking maggots in the heat of passion
Feeding off my soul

For I am
Society’s masterpiece

More precious than gold

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