The Creative Journey, poetry by Ndaba Sibanda at

The Creative Journey

The Creative Journey

written by: Ndaba Sibanda



the magic of poetry, the metaphor
of its language, either familiarises
the unfamiliar or makes the familiar
strange, by stretching one’s brain
in novel ways to capture a catalog
of emotions, notions and imaginations
painting and music are forms of art
painting has a portrait of the diversity
and profundity and beauty of life
music denotes the danceable, delicious,
mesmerizing and mellifluous part of life
music has a message, music has idioms
art has shaped culture and human life
in ways that are notable and memorable
a work of art outlines its colours and forms
the creative journey is a journey of insights,
it signifies intensity and beauty and defines
emotional frontiers, it refines moral sceneries
it opens countries, communities and cultures,
to the inner lives of others, it shines a light on life

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