Screams and Streams of Splendor, poetry by Ndaba Sibanda at
Greg Rosenke

Screams and Streams of Splendor

Screams and Streams of Splendor

written by: Ndaba Sibanda



away from the hurry and the hum,
the strain and pain of his home city;
he was in the hamlet, playing catchup
with mental calmness and cleanliness,
yes, with the bloom and beauty of nature
in terms of the brooks, the roaring rivers
and their tireless, tiny and twisty tributaries;
he gazed with a sense of reverential admiration
interspersed with trepidation, curiosity and wonder
at the graceful gushing and laughing of the river water,
he heard its seamless series of euphoria, and its streamflow;
he noticed that the water flow was resisted by the butted rocks,
and the soil that made up the river bed, and the flow determined
the shape and behavior of the river system; and left him marveling
at the miracles of nature, exclaiming with thunderstruck and awestruck!

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