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And The Bough Will Break

written by: Tammy M Darby


When the sweet winds blow
A silent ophidian
Slumbers within the lifeless soul
The words of hate borne proudly by the sender
And the act of revenge
From the serpents bite render

And the bough will break
Under the weight of a brittle heart
The perfume of stale bitterness
Do the drifting breezes impart
For there is no logic to be found
In the deep caverns of the heart

So the bough will break
The branch weakened fell broken and decayed
And the burden of love over my eyes did lay
Happiness shrouded by despair now forever stay
Though it's said the light commands all
And darkness shun the day

The bough will break.

Tammy M Darby

Tammy M Darby

A reclusive poet in the Ozark Mountains. Scholar of history and French poetry. My favorite poet is Tennyson and his work, 'Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal'.
Tammy M Darby

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