The Battle and The Garden, poetry by Tammy M Darby at
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The Battle and The Garden

The Battle and The Garden

written by: Tammy M Darby


The world watched somber knowing what was to come
While mortals were fast becoming jaded
They fruitlessly reached for the purity of the heavens
Endless appetites had they for the perverse are never sated

Self-consuming and deceitful
They began to think themselves Lords
Their bodies sacred and holy
So too their arrogant words

In the lost millenniums of the universe
Dressed in holy finery marching forward
Came the soldiers of righteousness
As the bells of iron and bronze began to thunder and ring
The skies unsealed and opened as the angels began to sing

Yet when the battle ended
Godless weeping vessels of flesh
In their grief and sudden grasp of reality
Could not be consoled
For when the tempest retreated and ceased
The race of men had lost their souls

It was the curse of the garden and the blood that spawned them
’And will be when they die
As they grow colder and tremble
Still, they reach for the apple
With one small faint sigh

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