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The Sirens Ringing Out

The Sirens Ringing Out

written by: David R Mellor


The sirens are ringing out
Did I wake up to 1939?

Bits of paper waved in the air
As a bomb rips through a house

“we’ll hit them in their bank accounts”
But no statement can save a child’s life

The sirens ringing out
Wailing across a Kyiv square

A mother in Donetsk a sister in Odesa
A cold chill running down her spine

“It’s hopeless”
It’s happening again

The sirens are ringing
And it’s not 1939, it’s here and now

And from the west
A thick cloud of hot air, saving nobody.

David R Mellor

David R Mellor

Born 1964, (Liverpool, England) to a difficult birth, David didn't find his voice until his youth. Years of thinking he was nobody and treated as such. Including a period of homelessness in the desperate Thatcher Years. However, he hit the paper papering over the scars. Found understanding and belief through words. He has been published and performed widely from the BBC, The Tate, galleries and pubs and everything in between. His poems and stories are autobiographical, others topical and several his take on life.
David R Mellor

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