Courage And Strength written by Moinak Dutta at

Courage And Strength

Courage And Strength

written by: Moinak Dutta



It is like a lone word
Taken out of a passage
And kept in front of guns,
Where it blooms like a rose,

It is like that smile
Which Julius Fučík
Carried all through
In his ‘notes from the gallows’,

Or like that girl perhaps
Who after being raped
Walked into the fields of sunflowers.



‘what from you got your strength?’
Asked the wrestler once
He showed me his muscles,

Then found how a man could win over him,
Using a gun,

Then found that gun-totting man
crying one day,

‘what happened? You are the strongest one, you got a gun!’
I remarked,

‘no use of it now, I lost my daughter’
He cried profuse,

And was about to pull the trigger
Over his head,

I took great courage
To take away that thing,
So horrible and heavy!

And he just held me in a tight embrace
Clutching my shirt,
And cried so hard
That I thought his tears
Wetting my shirt,
Reached my heart,

Then I thought
Strength lies there

Right there
When tears wetting our shirts
Reach our hearts.

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