Three Love Poems, written by Moinak Dutta at

Three Love Poems

Three Love Poems

written by: Moinak Dutta



An Ode To That Red Pullover Girl

Had there been not that dense misty fog
the redness of your pullover would have been missed
by me,
after all, my car was held in the traffic
and you passed by the window of the car
like a newly woken rose, vibrant and cheerful,
opening her eyes to the world
curious, soft and so kind!
The car moved on after a few moments
and you disappeared in the fog.



Put my face into the valley of grass
curly, soft,
discovered how like a secret
a rivulet flows there all the year-round,
and how pink lotus blooms there too,
just beside the rivulet,
waiting for my arrival.


A Short Conversation

‘Are you there?’
‘okay, wait, opening the door…’

The door opens with a creaking sound
the hall looks splendid, mellowed light all over,
The paintings that adorned the walls jeered at me
‘Came again?’

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