Valentine's Day Games, a poem by Gerry Stefanson at

Valentine’s Day Games

Valentine’s Day Games

written & performed by: Gerry Stefanson


what another year here
shall we go out or staycation.
chocolates to share, we make quite a pair
champagne to pop other plans to be dropped.
what if we get naughty, make sure we’re not caught
by the kids again this year.

your hair all a mess, half ripped off dress
and me in/out of my underwear.
and the look on grandma’s face
spilling the cake that she baked
as your butt slide back into place
astride the living room chair.

then time prior, as if on fire
we made love on the table, willing and able.
they will never let us back, in that restaurant
how they howled and patrons did taunt
when we came back for your coat
the band leader of us still quotes.

those were the great years, life without fear
two the best, yes we were blessed.
what about the others, how could it be
we were alive, now only fight and survive.
can we turn back time, before we’re charged with a crime,
more police calls, ignited by a spouse, than on exploding house.

my brain gone lame, from lack anything tame
you light up like a flame, when you growl my name.
how the plates, glasses and frying pans fly when I even said Hi!
you scratch and gouge at my eyes,
knives you fling, they make you sing.
if my aim was better, you wouldn’t be here to read this letter.

my sweetie how could I ever miss this day
our celebration.
like a gift from Al Capone, when I arrive home
our annihilation.
St. Valentine Massacre of our own?
just for titillation,
our own PlayStation.

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