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Shine Like The Sun

Shine Like The Sun

written by: Bitupan Das


morning is red
evening is red
oh, so beautiful
red is luck
red is luck
this is what we all want
to make it happen
stand up
stand up
don’t you know
you too can shine like the sun.

yes, you’re living inside a bubble
so, you can enjoy the seven colors
don’t you want to see the rainbow
break it, break it
one day you’ll see the rainbow with your naked eyes
just break it
but sometimes you can have it
everything is black and white.

sun is down
moon is up
stars are playing
hide and seek
the kid on the balcony
with a hot air balloon
dreams in his eyes
but don’t be a shooting star
how it falls
tells you all
don’t be a shooting star
make a wish
make a wish
she is too on the balcony
wings in her dreams
fly and fly.

when the night is dark
don’t cry for your mummy
with a mighty heart
fight and fight
close your eyes
follow your dreams
in the morning you’ll see
you’ll shine like the sun
oh, red again
morning is red
evening is red
but you need to shine like the sun.

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