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The Heritage Site

The Heritage Site

written by: Madhu Gangopadhyay



“That is the place where the gallants lie.”
The guide of the heritage walk announced.
So ill kept, not maintained, so strange!
I could hear my own voice resound!
“We shall pay our homage from here,
Standing outside the gate.”
“Oh my God!” Blurted out a little boy,
“This is in such a dilapidated state!”
The war memorial flooded with
Rainwater, overgrown with grass.
Mossy, uncared for nobody
Seemed to ever pass!
No anemone ever grows there,
A lily never blooms!
Weeds and wildflowers
Intensify the gloom!
This is what war brings.
Devastation to one and all
Wives widowed; children orphaned.
Utter annihilating squalls!
All they become is history
That people seldom read;
The valiant lay their lives.
Their sacrifice, silently bleed!
Years later their resting place
Is a mere heritage walk
No wreath, no Chrysanthemums
Offered on their graves
About them people seldom talk!

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