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written by: Jacqueline De Notogh



Passions burn the soul

We think of the scars left behind

Yet not of the real love

Which can heal them.


Fire cleanses as it consumes

Ravaging the earth & those in its path

Yet leaving a bare foundation

Open to rebirth and renewal.


Real flames like true love

Come only once in a lifetime

Others are mere flickers

Their heat never as intense.


We yearn for fire’s warmth

It is a life force we all desire

Despite the pain and scars

We are drawn to even a smouldering ember.


If we turn away from the fire

                 Can a lesser passion offering companionship

                               Provide the warmth life needs

                                           Is contentment preferred to all-consuming love


Divided from true love we are diminished, united with true love we are invincible.

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